GetHits Case Study: Specialty Beverage Company Drinks In Success

GetHits Case Study: Specialty Beverage Company Drinks In Success

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A suspenseful yet heart-warming tale of how GetHits Digital Marketing transformed a local beverage company who was wasting money on their previous SEO and online advertising budget–plus missing out on social media and email opportunities. We dramatically reduced their wasteful ad spend, increased the number of quality, high converting leads, and achieved a #1 authority position in Google. Read on to see how a website toad turned into a well branded prince.

Our confidential client operates in a very competitive specialty beverage business. This company in located in British Columbia operates primarily in Canada and the United States, but also exports some products internationally.

“Have you wasted money on Internet Marketing in the past? Sadly, many clients have. The good news is we  specialize in helping you recover and get to positive ROI. ASAP!”


This client hired a digital marketing company to ensure high search engine results, manage their Google Adwords account, as well their website, blog and web hosting. This other digital marketing firm had been on a monthly retainer for five years.  Unfortunately, their poor marketing efforts and inexperience yielded wasted financial resources and allowed the competition to gain a foothold, resulting in lost market position and sales by the client.

Much Needed Results Yet to be Realized

The client was seeing no real qualified leads being forwarded to their sales staff. In fact, the sales staff fielded many calls from people that misunderstood the client’s product offerings. This was because the SEO and online advertising were bringing in very broad, untargeted visitors, many of whom were unrelated to the client’s core business.
Instead of reaching high volume repeat corporate users, the sales staff wasted days dealing with talkative consumers seeking quantities of only 6-25 bottles of product. In reality, this client produces minimum lots of 864 bottles per shipment and requires multiple shipment contracts.  This was because the online advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) practices used were not bringing in targeted visitors to the website; therefore, the leads were of low or useless quality.

The GetHits Difference: Results Oriented, Proven Strategies

GetHits Digital Marketing completed the initial stage of foundational SEO service and error repair that severely restricted their Google ranking on both the main website and blog (common issues we correct with many clients). Within ten days of this work being performed by GetHits, this client’s website moved up from the #7 position, to the #1 position on Google for their highest revenue generating keyword phrase.  In addition, secondary and tertiary keywords that they were ranking on the second and fourth page of Google for, were now improved to being placed in the top 5 results on the first page.

The SEO improvement was a big win for the client because of:

  • – Increased Traffic: research shows that 36.4% of searchers will click on the first link in Google’s natural search results. Only 3.8% clicked on the client’s link when in the 7th position.  Considering this is their “money phrase,” being in first place added more profits.
  • – Perceived Authority/Dominance: there is an assumption among web searchers that a website in the #1 spot in Google means that Google gives tacit approval to that site.  Although Google does not explicitly approve any site (all sites are ranked based on a complex algorithm), this nevertheless means an increase in authority for a top ranking site–and more importantly, increased  sales and better converting leads for that site.
  • – Qualified Visitors Increased Exponentially: being in a #1-3 spot in Google means other sites want to link to you (assuming you have an attractive, informative, and mobile ready website as well), and links from quality and relevant web sites is an important part of the Google ranking algorithm. This naturally lends to better SEO and easier ranking for other search terms and pages.

Improvement for Other Keywords

Apart from this client’s primary keywords, they quickly gained 1st page ranking on two other very important keyword phrases to their niche market. They were previously on pages 4 and 2, respectively, for these other two keyword phrases. A third keyword phrase that garners some attention from very large food and beverage customers moved up to #4 position in a very short time as well.

Further SEO Results

  • – During a 9 month period comparison year-over-year yielded a +34.98% or 8,701 visitors verses 6,446 visitors.
  • – Not only had the numbers of qualified visitors increased, but the higher ranking in search engines for competitive phrases gave an additional authority to this client and their brand in the minds of those qualified visitors. Providing a much higher conversion of leads to customers.
  • – Average visit duration for this same period yielded +31.04%
or 00:03:03 minutes verses 00:02:19 minutes.
  • – More interested and targeted visitor spending more time on this site yielded more ongoing contracts for the client.

New Online Advertising Results

In addition, GetHits greatly improved their online advertising campaigns: we decreased their monthly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Adwords  budget by 40%, eliminating wasteful keywords and traffic;  improved the number, quality, and responsiveness of their display ads; and removed wasteful keywords and added laser targeted keywords resulting in quality leads.

Immediate Positive Results for this Client

” The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”

-Aristotle Onassis

We were now sending about 10 qualified leads per day to the sales staff. With this big achievement, the client was able to close on about 8 of these new leads. Now with great excitement and motivation, the client began a monthly retainer for digital marketing with GetHits, compounding on the new results.

The Road Ahead – Successful Marketing is Strategic & Dynamic

This client’s next primary goal was to maintain the lead on their competition through continued GetHits work, including SEO, PPC campaign management, social media strategies and updates, blog posts, and email newsletter campaigns. Direct competitors quickly caught on to the new #1 ranking of this client and stepped up their game to regain the top position, but were no match for our proven techniques. This is why digital marketing is a continuous effort.


Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.  Client expectations were more than realized and the financial bottom line was greatly enhanced via our holistic and experienced approach to the situation.  GetHits can craft an equally compelling tale based on your needs and goals.  Call 800-652-8182 today for a free initial website audit and strategy session.