Order WordPress Repair Service

Thank you for your interest in our service. We understand what it is like to have your site hacked and we are committed to getting it repaired quickly (we try for the same day, but we rarely take more than 48 hours). Upon receipt of your purchase, we will begin identifying security holes, cleansing your site from viruses and malware, and securing the security breach so the hacker cannot gain access again (this may involve removing or adding plugins, or modifying php code in themes, etc.). We will also add protective measures to shield your site from the majority of hacking attempts.

Please also provide in the Paypal order process your WordPress and FTP (or SSH) login details so we can access and repair your site. By ordering you agree to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

OUR GUARANTEE: If we cannot remove the virus and plug the security holes within 3 days, then your fee will be refunded.

Choose the Number of Sites You Need Repaired:

Disclaimer: Hackers and vulnerabilities in websites and blogs are always changing and once a hole is plugged we cannot guarantee that the site will not be infected again at some point in the future.